Choose "ODBC Data Sources (64 bit).". Go to the "System DSN" tab. Press "Add.". Choose "ODBC Driver for SQL Server". Next, choose a name for your data source. It can be something as simple as "SQLServerConnection.". At the Server option, input the name of your SQL server instance. You can copy the server name from SQL Server. Python SQL driver - pyodbc; Python SQL driver - pymssql; Documentation. For documentation, see Python documentation at Community. Azure Python Developer Center; Community; Next steps. Explore samples that use Python to connect to a SQL database in the following articles: Create a Python app in Azure App Service on Linux. Python Flask Employee Create , read, update and delete (CRUD) using pymysql and dataTables bootstrap #app. python-flask 2. Lastly, catch any errors if they occur. Python Flask Flask-Series Python. Next, we get the Flask server to listen to GET requests on the "/" route and execute the home function, returning the text "Hello World. Build the.

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